Seeking Support #BLAW2018

Baby loss is heartbreaking – that’s a fact.

Previously there was not much support for families going through it, however, over time (and largely due to charitable organisations) there is increasing support out there. Baby Loss Awareness’ website has listed 55 (yes that’s fifty-five) different charities and organisations that are helping people going through baby loss.


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The Language of Loss #MiscarriageInTheMedia Ep.2

Should we be changing the terminology we use to describe baby loss?

I read this article in The Guardian today:

TheGuardian ProductOfConception Image from The Guardian


I have just discovered Katy Lindemann. She is a woman who has unfortunately been through a tough fertility journey. She’s been through the whole lot – pregnancy loss, IVF and is now facing her next challenge infertility. She has a blog at Über Barrens Club where she tells an important story of people who have not been able to have a ‘take home baby’ of their own. She aims to share a story of hope to show that things can still be okay. I understand she is due to publish a book… I wait with bated breath.

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