Miscarriage Education in School? #MiscarriageInTheMedia Ep.4

We should be talking about fertility and what happens when pregnancies go wrong…


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I’m a bit late with this article, but it was brought to my attention after reading this blog post by Mrs H’s Favourite Things. Its a fantastic read – I suggest you have a read of what she has to say…

The original article from The Scottish Herald addresses whether miscarriage should be a part of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) in schools. Recently, there have been increasing calls for sex and relationship education teaching to include some of the other aspects of sexual activity such as sexually transmitted infections, fertility problems and miscarriage.

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Coping With Miscarriage #5 – ONLINE COMMUNITY

When I started OutOfHours blog I wanted to share my story of recurrent miscarriage and also help others in a similar situation if I could. So, with this in mind I have decided to write a series of blog posts about a few of the things that I did to help me deal with my miscarriages and how they may also help anyone going through recurrent pregnancy loss.

Please note – this blog post is based on my opinion and personal experience.


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