Returning to Work after Maternity Leave – A Doctor’s Perspective

So I’m back! Again…



My last posts were of our family holiday to France in our Campervan. This was the final adventure of my year of maternity leave before returning to work in NHS General Practice. I thought the return to work would be difficult, but underestimated just how difficult that would actually turn out to be.

In the first few weeks and months I was trying to re-ignite those neurons, searching relentlessly for the medical information that I had stored away somewhere. And it was hard! There were plenty of adjustments to be made too: we had a new IT system to adapt to; my son had started nursery 3 days a week and hubby and I were figuring out the new drop-off/pick-up routines; there was my passion project M’s The Word podcast; friends, family etc… A lot of juggling going on


So I took time away from my non-essential commitments and this blog was one of them… Sorry!

I do feel however, that things are a bit more stable now. I feel like I am less in the return to work haze (akin to the 4th trimester haze I would say) and now feel to look back at the last four months with a bit of clarity.

I even have a few tips for any other medics due to return to work after a prolonged spell away form work…

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France: Campervan Adventures With Baby (Pt. 2)


The best thing about van holidays is that freedom and flexibility to change your plans day-to-day. The excitement of just heading in a certain direction with no concrete plans,  no hotel reservations. The ability to drive through a town/village and think ‘I want to stick around this part a little longer’. The license to get out when the vibe of a place just isn’t you…


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