My Postpartum Recovery

I am now well over 9 months postpartum and I must admit my journey to physical recovery was slow…

I had a long labour, an instrumental delivery (Ventouse), breastfeeding issues and a whole load of emotional baggage to cope with. So, it perhaps wasn’t too surprising to hear that I completely neglected my postpartum body for the first couple of months of parenthood…

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IMG_4169 edited

This photo is missing a certain giraffe and several glasses of wine (for my consumption of course, not the baby)


We are going through the throes of teething right now… Baby I has all the symptoms: red cheeks, dribbling, chewing, irritability and… fever?

But is fever really a symptom of teething? Many will say yes, but when you actually look into it, fever should not really be a typical symptom of teething.

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