Recurrent Miscarriage – What To Do Next?

Firstly if you are reading this post having found yourself  in the ‘recurrent miscarriage’ bracket, then I am sorry. I am sorry that you have suffered repeated pregnancy loss and I hope that you are okay. If you have stumbled cross this little corner of the internet I hope you find some of my words useful.. I thought I’d write this little blog post with some advice for you, based on what I did once I found out about my third miscarriage

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The ‘Happy Ending’ Myth – The Hidden Guilt of the Arrival of A Rainbow Baby

I was unsure whether to write this blog for fear of appearing ungrateful, so first I will start off by stating my immense gratitude to be writing this post from my position. I know how incredibly lucky I am to be alive and well, educated and free to express myself; and to do all of this as a MOTHER  to a beautiful little boy who totally rocks my world. I am relentlessly thankful for every moment ( yes, even the *difficult* ones…).


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