Seeking Support #BLAW2018

Baby loss is heartbreaking – that’s a fact.

Previously there was not much support for families going through it, however, over time (and largely due to charitable organisations) there is increasing support out there. Baby Loss Awareness’ website has listed 55 (yes that’s fifty-five) different charities and organisations that are helping people going through baby loss.


There are the obvious larger organisations that we have probably heard of: Miscarriage Association, Tommy’s, Sands etc. But the list has the contact information for very specific charities such as those that help people affected by specific conditions (for example antiphospholipid syndrome, Group B Streptococcus, spinal muscular atrophy), some are region specific and focus on psychological support services and some provide clothing and memory boxes to the bereaved families.

Basically – there are a lot of good people doing good things. Click here for the links to all of the organisations taking part in #BLAW2018 and you may be able to find the organisation providing exactly the support you (your partner/friend/loved one) require.

Just a short one today.

Big love!

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