Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018


I am 1 in 4. I suffered recurrent miscarriage in silence… Miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss affects so many of us and yet we do not speak about it. Why? Why in 2018 is this still taboo? October is baby loss awareness month so please, let’s get talking!!


I posted the above on my personal Facebook page a few days ago and I was overwhelmed by the response. Lots of other women also saying that they too were 1 in 4, with empathetic words for me. It proved to me that there is  a myriad of women wanting to discuss this issue, to lift this taboo.





Baby Loss awareness week is here and it aims to do just that. To #breakthesilence. Now more than ever I want to shout out about miscarriage, stillbirth and infant death. I am going to do daily blog posts for the week ahead in order to try to raise awareness. Each will be a short post on a different aspect of this great campaign.  I want us, as an online community, to spread the word, to help increase funds for research and adequate bereavement services so that fewer families have to experience this grief alone. is a fantastic website with multiple tools on how we can raise awareness, get involved, help with this cause. From social media hashtags, the pink and blue ribbon, to writing to your local MP and the International Wave of Light.




Let’s #breakthesilence around #babyloss – join me in supporting Baby Loss Awareness Week from 9 October and unite to remember all babies who have died #BLAW2018

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