It’s a boy!

Introducing our son who arrived safely last month…


In all honesty I have been a bit hesitant about announcing his arrival.

Initially I was caught up in the blur and bliss of having a newborn baby. My blog was obviously not my priority and I forgot about it for a few weeks. But I then realised that I had not made an ‘announcement’ of our son’s arrival on any of my social media platforms. I wonder whether I was slightly hesitant due to the fact that I struggled seeing other people’s announcements of their seemingly trouble-free babies, or whether it was the desire for our son to have some online privacy. I’m not sure…

I thought about things and spoke to hubby about it too. I concluded that for me to be honest and open in this blog our son has to also be a part of it too. I also want this blog to be something that I can look back at with pride, an incentive for me to write honest words and to capture beautiful images of all of us.

So, our son will feature in this blog. His name will not (at least for now). So let’s call him Baby I in the meantime.

Here he finally is! The baby we have wanted for so long. A brother to four stars in the sky… He is truly delightful and we absolutely love him!


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