Eases away the stress and woe of pregnancy – Urban Dictionary


I’m sure everyone is already familiar with the concept of a babymoon. This is a romantic holiday/break taken by prospective parents; a ‘last chance saloon’ to be fun, spontaneous, responsibility-free adults before impending parenthood strikes. Often it involves a little bit of luxury, sun, sand and… mocktails! Yes, some may call it twee, but I hope I can convince you why a babymoon can actually be a great modern day cliché…

Ours was a little earlier than most would typically go (due to work commitments). I was around 22 weeks pregnant at the time, however with hindsight I feel that this was probably a good thing for us. We had just had a normal 20 week scan and I had officially ‘popped’. I was clearly pregnant, but still waiting for the magical 24 week viability milestone (see my previous post about milestones). The babymoon was a very welcome distraction for us…

We packed our sunnies and swimwear and headed to Lanzarote (via Faro, Portugal for a night due to a major storm affecting the whole of the Canaries and temporarily stopping any flights from landing! But we won’t dwell on that… ).



There is nothing like a sunny Spanish beach to forget your worries.


Here, on holiday we were a couple expecting a child. There was little reminder of the troubles of the past couple of years. We were able to relax and just enjoy each other and my growing bump.

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I embraced mocktails for the first time of my life, we went for (brief) swims in the freezing Atlantic Ocean, I enjoyed a lush pregnancy massage in the hotel‘s beautiful spa. We went out for dinner, enjoyed lazy mornings and just chilled out.


It was delightful! The very definition of escapism. A must for us at that stage. The reason why I would recommend a babymoon to expectant parents.


Big love! Xx



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