A New Blog…

My name is Sandra. I am a GP and I live on the UK's South Coast. For some years now I have wanted to start a blog, but have struggled to find a purpose or topic to write about. Initially I wanted to write about all things beauty, fashion and photography- related, but struggled remain… Continue reading A New Blog…

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Seeking Support #BLAW2018

Baby loss is heartbreaking - that's a fact. Previously there was not much support for families going through it, however, over time (and largely due to charitable organisations) there is increasing support out there. Baby Loss Awareness' website has listed 55 (yes that's fifty-five) different charities and organisations that are helping people going through baby… Continue reading Seeking Support #BLAW2018

#MiscarriageInTheMedia, Baby Loss Awareness Week

#MiscarriageInTheMedia Ep.2 #BLAW2018

Should we be changing the terminology we use to describe baby loss? I read this article in The Guardian today:   I have just discovered Katy Lindemann. She is a woman who has unfortunately been through a tough fertility journey. She's been through the whole lot - pregnancy loss, IVF and is now facing her… Continue reading #MiscarriageInTheMedia Ep.2 #BLAW2018

Baby Loss Awareness Week

Ask Me His Name #BLAW2018

Today's post is a little shout out to Elle Wright, author of the book Ask Me His Name.   In case you have been living under a rock and have not heard of this wonderful woman, Elle and her husband Nico lost their son Teddy to a rare metabolic disorder just three days… Continue reading Ask Me His Name #BLAW2018

#MiscarriageInTheMedia, miscarriage

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018

  I am 1 in 4. I suffered recurrent miscarriage in silence... Miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss affects so many of us and yet we do not speak about it. Why? Why in 2018 is this still taboo? October is baby loss awareness month so please, let’s get talking!!   I posted the above on… Continue reading Baby Loss Awareness Week 2018


Breast Cancer Awareness Month – My Story

This is my first blog post of October! It's up a bit late due to busy new mum schedule - yep that excuse once again. Well, it turns out that October is quite an important month for me. Not only is it my birthday and wedding anniversary month, but also a month of many great… Continue reading Breast Cancer Awareness Month – My Story


Motherhood After Recurrent Miscarriage

I'm back! I took a bit of time away from this blog as I was in the thick of the newborn haze and trying to adjust to new life as a mum and our little family of three. I would be lying if I said I hated the countless nappies, sleepless nights, visitors, snacking on… Continue reading Motherhood After Recurrent Miscarriage


It’s a boy!

Introducing our son who arrived safely last month... In all honesty I have been a bit hesitant about announcing his arrival. Initially I was caught up in the blur and bliss of having a newborn baby. My blog was obviously not my priority and I forgot about it for a few weeks. But I then… Continue reading It’s a boy!